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Interchile's Cookies Policy

Last update date: [09-01-2024]

By means of this policy, Interchile informs about the use of cookies on the website, located in The purpose of this policy is to allow you to decide whether or not to authorize the use of cookies on the computers through which you browse the Interchile site.

    1. Definition of Cookies

    Cookies and/or devices for storing and retrieving data on terminal equipment (hereinafter cookies) are text files that a web server downloads and stores on a user’s computer/smartphone/tablet (hereinafter the computer) when accessing certain web pages in order to store and retrieve information about the user’s browsing.

    1. Types of Cookies Used by Interchile
    Ambit Cookie Name Cookie Type Expiration Supplier Description
    Marketing Adwords Measure ad performance 6 to 13 months Third – Google Ads Used to evaluate ad performance.
    Statistics Analytics User Behavior 6 to 13 months Third Party – Google Analytics Collect information about user behavior.
    Marketing Facebook Measure ad performance 365 days Third – Facebook Used to evaluate the performance of ads on Facebook.
    Marketing Youtube Measure ad performance 365 days Third – Youtube Used to evaluate the performance of ads on Youtube.
    Marketing Linkeding Measure ad performance 730 days Third – LinkedIn Used to evaluate the performance of ads on LinkedIn.
    Marketing Google Maps Measure ad performance Third – Google Maps Used to evaluate the performance of ads on Google Maps.
    1. Consent to the Use of Cookies

    By browsing and continuing on the Interchile website  in, you are giving us your consent for the use of the cookies mentioned above, and under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy.

    1. Disabling Cookies

    By visiting  the website, you can disable the use of cookies. However, the lack of them may affect certain functionalities of the website, compromising all or part of its functionality and/or the result of it.

    The procedure for disabling cookies is different for each browser. Detailed instructions can be found at the following links:


    1. Use of Advertising Technologies

    We may use these technologies to deliver advertisements on our apps and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. These technologies remain on your device and are automatically retrieved when you visit our website.

    1. Aggregate Information About Visitors

    We may generate aggregate reports about visitors to our website to measure its performance, but these reports do not contain customer information.

    Thank you for trusting Interchile. For any questions or concerns about our cookie policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.