Corporate Volunteering

ISA INTERCHILE’s corporate volunteering program seeks to engage our employees with solidarity actions towards the planet and the communities that need it most through three lines:


"Creating experiences inspires me"

One of the most significant demonstrations of ISA INTERCHILE’s solidarity commitment to society’s needs is related to the contribution of its most valuable asset: its human capital.

The enormous potential of talent, skills, and passion of trained, organized, and socially responsible employees becomes a great opportunity to contribute to society through corporate volunteering.

Within our volunteering program, we want to encourage spaces that generate growth and development, not only for the benefiting communities but also for our employees. For this reason, we have created a volunteering line that allows our staff to approach the most needed communities and contribute from their expertise to addressing some of their needs and problems.

Creating inspiring moments with communities to enhance their ability to dream and bring our employees closer to new realities.

  • Contest for initiatives to create experiences with communities.
  • Workshop to promote reading in some educational institutions.
  • Painting, beautifying, and equipping schools in low-income areas.
  • Sponsorship of children.
  • Engage in activities with children and teach them reading, writing, and other knowledge.
  • Empower communities to self-manage (capacity-building).
  • Develop activities for personal growth.


"I am inspired to share my knowledge"

As a company, we have understood the value of creating connections through different activities that contribute to the progress of our society. One of the ways in which we can contribute to the growth and development of communities is by ensuring that new generations have access to relevant and quality education, as it is not only a fundamental right, but also an instrument that allows children and young people to acquire skills and knowledge for their integral development.

We want our employees to be able to contribute to this cause. Therefore, we believe that two ways in which they can support the education of children and young people is through their time, so that they can share their knowledge and skills with young entrepreneurs; or through financial resources, so that outstanding young people have the possibility of accessing higher education

Sharing skills and knowledge with kids and young entrepreneurs, as well as contributing with economic resources for the access to higher education of underprivileged youth.

  • Adoption and expansion of the “Connections for Development” program so that employees from other subsidiaries can contribute financially to scholarships for more professional careers in higher education.
  • Training in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and entrepreneurship.
  • Workshops to promote reading and other skills in schools.
  • Donation of school kits.
  • Endeavor (sponsorship of entrepreneurship).
  • Exchange of knowledge with ethnic communities.


"I am inspired by taking care of the planet"

As a significant portion of the challenges currently faced by humanity are related to the care of the environment, ecosystems, and biodiversity. The global agenda framed within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) demands that all society actors begin to implement more sustainable practices to reduce negative impacts on the environment. This has enabled many companies to reformulate their business strategies and adopt initiatives that allow them to mitigate their environmental impacts and contribute to the care of the planet. This is the case for the ISA Group, which, with its 2030 Strategy, seeks to generate greater sustainable value through all its businesses and activities.

Through our corporate volunteering program, we aim to align ourselves with the challenges brought by the new 2030 Strategy. Therefore, we have designed a line of action that includes several activities aimed at raising awareness among our employees about the effects of climate change on the planet, in order to generate a culture of co-responsibility and respect for the environment.

Raise awareness and commitment among our collaborators for the care of the planet through awareness actions on climate change and conservation of ecosystems

  • Planting trees as part of the Green Race event.
  • Cleaning up an ecosystem during Sustainability Week.
  • Environmental education campaigns on sustainable mobility, environmental  conservation, recycling, etc.

During the pandemic, a fourth line of action called Covid-19 is developed:

  • Covid-19: Solidarity actions to help the communities most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. For example: donations of food, health materials, support for the elderly, support for children and young people who must study from home, providing training on the pandemic, actions for economic recovery after the pandemic, among others.