Dialogues that inspire cycle

“Dialogues that inspire” are instances of meetings between communities and INTERCHILE. The purpose is to create an open space for knowledge and valuing of community stories through the establishment of a culture of active listening. We incorporate criteria of co-responsibility and seek to expand the information we have about the territories where we operate, so that we can continue to advance in the development of these places.

The purpose of the activity is to make visible human groups that, due to different conditions (mobility, isolation, health, etc.), do not actively participate in the activities that take place within the community, maximizing the opportunities for the participation of each person. By creating warm and inclusive environments for diversity, we seek to learn about the life stories, historical records, festivals, and traditions of the territory with which we relate.

” Dialogues that inspire ” stimulates trust, shared leadership, and the commitment that INTERCHILE has with all its stakeholders.

The first meeting of ” Dialogues that inspire ” took place on January 30, 2020, in the town of Polpaico. The activity brought together the elderly members of the community with INTERCHILE. In addition, the Pro Til Til community kitchen was invited to provide catering services, and the company Cemento Polpaico was also present.