Our legacy, Connections that inspire

INTERCHILE S.A. was created in December 2012 after the ISA Group won the Chilean government’s tender to design, finance, build, operate, and maintain a 753-kilometer energy transmission network and associated works in the north and center of the country, known as the “Chile Transmission Line Expansion Plan 2×500 kv Cardones-Polpaico,” which has been in operation since May 2019.

Later, the construction and operation of another transmission line in the Tarapacá and Antofagasta regions was added to the project, known as “LT 2×200 kv Encuentro-Lagunas,” which includes a 192-kilometer line and has been in operation since June 2017.

With the construction of “Cardones-Polpaico,” ISA INTERCHILE covers over 1000 kilometers of transmission lines, which is an essential contribution to Chile’s economic and productive development, as the country’s transmission capacity was virtually saturated just a few years ago, from generation to consumption centers.

In terms of financial and economic resources, both ISA INTERCHILE projects have a total investment of US$ 1.282 million, offering a total of more than 4,000 direct and indirect jobs during their respective construction phases.

Additionally, the start of operation of both lines has enabled the entry of numerous renewable energy sources that were being lost due to the lack of transmission infrastructure, thus contributing to having a cleaner, more sustainable energy grid with lower prices for individuals and businesses.