Beautification of Altovalsol Square

  • Region: Coquimbo
  • Commune: La Serena
  • Project status: Completed
  • Main actors:-Municipality, Department of Parks and Gardens, Directorate of Municipal Works (DOM), JJVV ALTOVALSOL (former president Carolina Bravo, current president Verónica Veliz, and board), Altovalsol community, Interchile, Seremi de Energía Coquimbo community manager Felipe Pardo, Ministry of Energy’s Department of Dialogue and Participation.

In total, there will be 1,720 square meters of intervention. The works that will be carried out are:

-Paving of an accessible route inside the square

-Construction of a pergola and tables for the sale of products

-Renovation of the stage

-Construction of a wooden barrier towards the canal

-Installation of playground equipment (modular game, swing, climber)

-Construction of 45 linear meters of stone wall

-Installation of equipment (3 trash cans, 1 bike rack, 7 benches on stone walls)

-Installation of lighting

-Landscaping project (incorporation of plant areas, tree planting).

The “Beautification of Altovalsol Square” project is part of the voluntary measures of the Cardones Polpaico project. Through joint work with the municipality, ISA Interchile, the neighbors and Fundación Mi Parque, a space was designed that covered all the needs and dreams that the local inhabitants have for this public space.

Through the implementation of five participatory workshops, the goal was to get to know the Altovalsol community, identifying their main problems and potentialities. At the same time, establishing trust that allowed us to reach a consensus and define an architectural design that incorporates all the opinions, suggestions, and observations of the neighbors.

We believe that the project has put in value the Altovalsol Square, improving the current standard of the space, recovering existing elements, respecting its condition and order regarding the original location.

We know the importance that this public space has for the neighbors of Altovalsol, and we understand that this is a meeting place that is located in the historical memory of the community, which has allowed the realization of various cultural and social activities, generating a great wear and tear on the materials that support the space. For this reason, we find it extremely important to contribute to the construction of the improvement of this square, in this way, supporting the empowerment and promotion of healthy social relationships that allow a greater understanding between local inhabitants.

It is important to point out the role that this space plays in its immediate environment, being the civic center and meeting place of the Altovalsol community, as well as being a mandatory stop for visitors and tourists who visit the place; being one of the recognizable public spaces within the localities of the sector as a space for cultural activities in the rural area.

As INTERCHILE, we recognize the historical importance of the square and identify a great tourist potential due to its strategic location on a route commonly traveled by visitors. Therefore, we believe that our collaborative work will bring joy to the residents of Altovalsol, which is more necessary than ever.

On the other hand, the inclusion of people with disabilities is very important to us, which is why, attending to the request of the neighbors, the improvement of the square will contain universal Access. In this way, we ensure that everyone can enjoy this space.

As a company, we know that the alliance with Fundación Mi Parque will allow us to deliver to the community of Altovalsol an inclusive, outstanding project that will allow the meeting between neighbors of the community. All these actions are part of our VIDA strategy, which seeks to generate high-impact social projects, highlighting the socio-cultural value of communities and their environment.


Purchase and transfer of El Romero Square

  • Region: Coquimbo
  • Commune: La Serena
  • Project status: Ongoing
  • Main actors: 9 square owners, JJVV represented by president Doralisa Luna, El Romero community, La Serena Municipality, Seremi de Energía Coquimbo community manager Felipe Pardo, Ministry of Energy’s Department of Dialogue and Participation.

This action is being carried out as a voluntary measure of the LT Cardones-Polpaico project. In conjunction with the Social team of INTERCHILE and the board of the Neighborhood Association, several working groups were held with the aim of selecting and executing the project for the benefit of the community. At the end of this process, it was determined that the best contribution would be the purchase of the land where the El Romero Plaza is located, to be transferred in ownership to the Neighborhood Association, and later to carry out a “Beautification of the El Romero Square” as an RCA measure.

Over the years, the Square in the El Romero locality has been used by the residents for various activities. However, it is a private property, with the permanent risk that it may be sold for another use at any time, and the community may irreparably lose the most important meeting space it has.

For this reason, with the aim of recovering the public space and transferring it to the Neighborhood Association, legal arrangements are being made for the purchase of the common good N° 9 corresponding to the El Romero Square.


Construction of bathrooms for Senior Citizens Club

  • Region: Coquimbo
  • Commune: La Higuera
  • Project status: Ongoing
  • Main actors: Mayor of La Higuera, Yerko Galleguillos, President of the Quebrada Honda Agricultural Community, Lidia Clavería, “Buena Esperanza” Senior Citizens Club, Quebrada Honda Agricultural Community, Seremi de Energía Coquimbo community manager Felipe Pardo, Ministry of Energy’s Department of Dialogue and Participation.

As part of the Cardones Polpaico project, since 2015 to date, INTERCHILE has been in contact with the neighboring communities located in the project area, with the aim of developing social investment projects in the territories, which contribute to the well-being and development of the inhabitants of the Coquimbo region.

In this context, a series of voluntary commitments were made, materialized in a Social Investment Plan (PDIS). This plan is the result of a series of meetings held with the Neighborhood Association, who agreed on the different contributions by the company, for local development and social infrastructure.

In the locality of La Higuera, a cooperation agreement for local development projects was established between INTERCHILE and the Municipality of La Higuera. In this framework, INTERCHILE commits to the construction of bathrooms in the headquarters of the “La Buena Esperanza” senior citizens club in the Quebrada Honda Agricultural Community.


Electrification of the road de Martinez in the El Peñon locality

  • Region: Coquimbo
  • Commune: Coquimbo
  • Project status: Completed
  • Main actors: President of the Neighborhood Association of El Peñón, Patricia Notte Pulgar, Quebrada Martínez Development Committee, Camino de Martínez Community, Quebrada de Martínez and El Peñon, Seremi de Energía, Álvaro Herrera.

On December 18th, the transfer agreement for the project to the El Peñon Neighborhood Association was signed, with the participation of the Neighborhood Association President, Mrs. Patricia Notte Cuello, and INTERCHILE personnel. The document was signed before a notary in the city of Coquimbo.

The project in question is part of the voluntary agreements reached with the El Peñon community during the environmental assessment process of the “LT Cardones Polpaico” project. The process consisted of a series of meetings with the community, local authorities, the electric distribution company CGE, and INTERCHILE, who, after a lengthy participatory process, were able to complete the project, which will allow for the electrification of homes located in the Quebrada de Martínez area.

The electrical works associated with the project, which were handed over to the El Peñon Neighborhood Association, are as follows:

  • 1,148 meters of two-phase medium-voltage electrical network between poles No. 1098195 and No. 1102005;
  • 448 meters of single-phase low-voltage electrical network between poles No. 1,097,275-1,064,852, No. 11.00.2097-1,098,991, No. 1,064,855-1,102,005;
  • Four (4) 15kVA two-phase transformers and their protection elements; and
  • Compact measuring equipment (includes indirect three-phase meters).