Atacama Region

Diaguita Chipasse Ta tatara Community

This Diaguita community is located in Huasco, specifically in the Ta tatara Gorge, located in the Freirina commune.

It comprises about 45 families, and its chieftain is Hortensia Lemus.

In 2015, ISA INTERCHILE reached an agreement with this community, within the framework of the indigenous consultation process mandated by ILO Convention 169, due to the Cardones-Polpaico transmission line construction project that passes through these territories

As part of the consultation process with indigenous communities carried out by the state through SEA, Interchile reached voluntary agreements, such as the loan of water rights from a property owned by Interchile for the benefit of the community.

Likewise, Interchile committed to build a social center on the tribe’s own lands, providing financing for workshops on “traditional Diaguita activities,” transferring the property “La Cuica” and its water rights to the community for productive activities.

Today, we continue working with this community, with the objective of being an ally in the protection of the heritage of their culture and preserving the traditions of the families of this area.