Our future inspired by sustainable value

Growth with sustainable value

Sustainable Value

Balanced Portfolio

Current businesses and new geographies

Transversal pillars


The ISA2030 strategy goes
beyond profitable growth to sustainable value

Growth with sustainable value

The future bet is to generate value over time not only for shareholders but for society and the planet, and to ensure the continuity or longevity of ISA.

Current Businesses and New Geographies

The portfolio selection is oriented towards the creation of Sustainable Value; therefore, investment decision-making will reflect the balance between businesses and geographies, profitability and risk criteria, adjacency and vision, diversification and concentration.

Transversal Pillars

All of the above is supported by four transversal pillars.

Transversal Pillars

The ISA2030 Strategy, oriented towards the creation of Sustainable Value, will be executed in a special way that will mark all actions and decisions on a daily basis and how ISA will relate internally and with the world.


  • Minimization of environmental impacts in operations
  • Promotion of initiatives that generate positive environmental impact


  • Integration of digitalization into operations and assets, development of new value offers
  • Leveraging business opportunities derived from technological evolution and trends


  • Relevant player in the entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Allocation of external and internal resources for development
  • Development of leaders who face adaptive and technical challenges


  • Seal of strategic alliances for goal achievement
  • Articulation of businesses in a balanced portfolio