Our Dream

To make INTERCHILE a benchmark within the energy industry, in terms of equity, diversity, and inclusion, through the program “OTRAS Miradas”.

Work Focus

Gender Equity and Sexual Diversity:

  • Respect and non-discrimination.

Awareness of respect and non-discrimination in the internal and external environment.

  • Gender equity.

Adherence to the PLAN Energía+ MUJER”


  • Labor inclusion.

Promotion of disabled people in selection processes, through a strategic alliance with organizations working on employment issues with support.

Divergent thoughts (multiculturalism and generation):

  • Spaces for dialogue.

How are we going to achieve it?

  • By articulating strategic alliances with the ISA Group, Governmental Organizations, and relevant social actors.
  • omoting the formation of diversified teams that allow the organization to advance towards strategic objectives for 2030, including diversity and inclusion in the processes.
  • Incorporating diversity and inclusion as an additional value generator for the shareholder, with social impact and corporate validity through innovation.
  • Developing actions that allow sensitizing and involving the entire organization on this path.