Discover How the First Regional Meeting Organized by ISA INTERCHILE Went”

Discover How the First Regional Meeting Organized by ISA INTERCHILE Went”

Education and the specialization of young individuals will be crucial in the transition towards a new energy matrix. That’s why, as an organization, we are involved in this important process, which began with the meeting titled ‘Commitment to a fair and sustainable energy transition,’ held in La Serena with experts in the field and authorities.

In this instance, which also had the sponsorship of the Industrial Corporation for Regional Development (Cidere), Fundación Chile, and Diario El Día, held at the auditorium of the Santo Tomás University in the city, the role not only of engineers but also of professionals as experts in climate change was emphasized.

Regarding this, we spoke with Álvaro González, Manager of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Interchile.

“This year, we organized the first regional meeting, and we hope there will be many more. It allows us, as a company, to be present in the territories, which is one of the fundamental aspects of our company’s spirit: being alongside the communities we work with. And linking our involvement in the territories with fundamental topics we are developing as a company, such as working to improve the education of young people in the different areas where we operate.”

Álvaro added that this opportunity allowed us to share Interchile’s experience and our commitment to education while establishing multilateral commitments with various organizations, including the business guild, the academic world, and authorities.

“This meeting allowed us to actively contribute to educational development focusing on energy, understanding that this is crucial not only for the communities where we operate but for all of Chile,” he added.

What capabilities does Interchile implement to carry out this valuable project for the territories and the country?

In projects like these, we consider all of Interchile’s capabilities. We are innovating by holding these meetings because they had not been done before. We work in a network not only internally within the company but also with the various social actors involved in this project. This initiative is linked to the shared responsibility we have as a company for the country’s development. Adaptability is another essential element because we enable our employees to understand and operate within the logic of the communities where we operate.

The main objective is to make available the development of all our capacities and transfer them to those who support us in achieving projects like this.

Let’s continue creating inspiring connections together!