ISA INTERCHILE delivered valuable contestable funds to social organizations

ISA INTERCHILE delivered valuable contestable funds to social organizations

Various entities received this fundamental support during pandemic times, related to the use of renewable energy, the environment, and others of a purely social nature. 22 entities were supported, also advised by various offices of the Municipality of Coquimbo.


It was a happy day for 22 social organizations from the port of Coquimbo, who celebrated a ceremony around noon on Friday at the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso stadium, since they would officially receive the Competitive Funds delivered by the company ISA Inter Chile, to benefit the entities that required significant support to alleviate the negative effects of a difficult year, marked mainly by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This essential support backed initiatives of all kinds, especially in the area of renewable and clean energy, which had the advice of various municipal entities to make an appropriate delivery to those who needed it most, according to the relevance of each idea. This was highlighted by Álvaro González, Institutional Relations Manager of ISA Inter Chile. “We wanted to create projects together with the neighborhood associations that would be in their own benefit, which we developed in all the regions where we are present. It should be noted that the territories that had the most participation were those of this region, and mainly in the commune of Coquimbo.

The most important thing is that these are initiatives devised by the same neighborhood associations, and we have everything from recycling work, beautification of neighborhood associations, and above all, in energy matters,” he said regarding funds that fluctuated between $1 million and $10,000,000 (CLP) for each project.

Rodrigo Bravo, Territorial Relations Manager of ISA Inter Chile, highlighted that “to establish this connection, we work in coordination with the municipality and the local government. In the case of Coquimbo, with the Office of the Elderly, the Women’s House, Rural Delegations, for example, in sectors such as Pan de Azúcar and the Parte Alta. Likewise, we also highlight other communes in the region that also enthusiastically joined,” he said. For his part, the mayor of Coquimbo, Marcelo Pereira, also valued the support. “This support from ISA Inter Chile came at the time we needed it most for our social organizations. I think it is an example to follow for other private companies,” said the communal chief.

The happiest, of course, were the representatives of the different favored entities. Isabel Ossandón Díaz is part of the Porvenir Mothers’ Center, who presented a project for the development of pastry. “This will help us to acquire a mixer, a freezer, and an electric oven. Regarding ISA Inter Chile’s support, I congratulate them because the whole community was able to participate,” she said.

On the other hand, Patricia Notecuello, who is from the town of El Peñón, thanked the company for this excellent support. “Our project consisted of repairing a roof for our neighborhood association, so that we can work with the community outdoors. Thus, we can come together despite the pandemic situation,” highlighted the leader. Another of the supported entities was the Amulén Foundation. Rocío Espinoza is part of this organization and highlighted that ISA Inter Chile supported them with 9 million pesos, as part of a project of great importance to the community. “We arrived in Coquimbo to a locality that did not have access to drinking water, which is Majada Blanca. It was the leader of the sector, Jaime Castillo, who took us to the place and we developed the idea of extracting a water well to purify it. However, we lacked the drive to activate that well and it just so happened that ISA Inter Chile opened up this contestable fund, which allowed us to establish an integrated solar panel system, producing 23 thousand liters of water per day,” emphasized with regard to an initiative that will directly benefit the community, just like all the projects supported by ISA Inter Chile, which, according to the winning organizations, became an “outstanding friendly neighbor.”

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