ISA INTERCHILE is a carbon-neutral company in its operation

ISA INTERCHILE is a carbon-neutral company in its operation

The commitment to carbon neutrality continues in 2022 with the acquisition of carbon certificates from Verra that offset the company’s total emissions for 2021, which amounted to 1,654 tons of CO2.


Since 2021, the electricity company has aimed to reduce and offset its GHG emissions through the implementation of an eco-efficiency program to reduce its emissions and a compensation program through the purchase of certified carbon bonds in areas of conservation and reforestation supported by Conexión Jaguar and Conexión Puma.

This year, SouthPole supported us again in the acquisition of carbon bonds for 1,654 tons of CO2, corresponding to the total carbon footprint of ISA Interchile during 2021, measured in Scopes 1, 2, and 3. The bonds, certified by Verra, correspond to the Conexión Jaguar project, located on the Chinchibá River in Colombia.

Mariana Ormeño, environmental analyst at ISA INTERCHILE, says, “Beyond the usual management of processes and compliance with legal environmental commitments, as a company, we develop initiatives that go beyond the mandatory. The most challenging is Conexión Puma, corresponding to the Chilean version of ISA’s corporate sustainability program, Conexión Jaguar. This consists of the implementation of carbon projects through the recovery and preservation of forests to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in priority areas for the protection, recovery, and connection of natural habitats and puma corridors in Chile.”

Remember that ISA Interchile made history in 2021 by placing what is considered the largest green project bond in the Latin American energy sector on the international market. The Colombian subsidiary raised USD 1.2 billion in its first offering, and the bonds were certified as green by “Sustainalytics” and awarded by other important entities.

The challenge for 2023 is to complete the measurement of the carbon footprint in projects and reduce the total emissions through partnerships with contractors and developers, for which ISA Interchile has strengthened collaborative work to minimize waste, reduce energy and water consumption during the construction of the company’s electricity infrastructure projects, thus consolidating a trajectory of leadership and its carbon neutrality strategy.