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ISA INTERCHILE supports the Polpaico preschool with a purified water generation system

ISA INTERCHILE supports the Polpaico preschool with a purified water generation system

ISA INTERCHILE supports the Polpaico preschool with a purified water generation system.

Manitos Raíz de Libertad is the educational center, dependent on JUNJI (National Board for Daycare Centers), that our company is supporting, and is part of the close relationship with the community of Polpaico, located in Til Til, Metropolitan Region.

This establishment, located in Polpaico, serves 34 boys and girls and has an innovative educational approach that places special emphasis on sustainability, through, for example, water conservation and contact with nature.

During Christmas 2021, INTERCHILE volunteers, along with the United Ways NGO, held a shared Christmas activity with the children, families, teachers, and non-teaching staff of the preschool. This marked the beginning of a plan to support the establishment and school community, especially in sustainability and healthy living.

As a partner of Protiltil and in partnership with the Chilean company Fresh Water, our company will execute a new phase of the “Facing Climate Change: Purified Water in Your School!” project. On May 24, we talked with director Paloma Ortiz about how an innovative system that uses air to generate purified water will be installed in this preschool. This device is expected to bring many benefits to the health and quality of life of the educational community.

Mauricio Rebolledo, director of sustainability at ISA INTERCHILE, states that this initiative “concretely reflects our commitment to contribute to the territories, with innovative and sustainable initiatives for the Polpaico community and support for the school community of the children, families, and teachers of the preschool and childcare center.”

“Facing Climate Change: Purified Water in Your School!””

This is an initiative that has already provided high-tech Fresh Water equipment to three educational establishments located in rural areas of Tiltil that suffer from water scarcity: Liceo de Montenegro and the schools of El Llano de Caleu and Huechún.

These devices from Fresh Water allow getting purified water from ambient humidity for people’s consumption. For this, the device accelerates the water cycle, which is subjected to filtration, purification, and sterilization processes that ensure excellent quality.

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