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ISA Interchile’s unique initiative to combat the loneliness of elders in quarantine

ISA Interchile’s unique initiative to combat the loneliness of elders in quarantine

In an effort to provide support to the population most affected by COVID-19, the electric company ISA Interchile implemented a novel corporate volunteer program to remotely assist the emotional and psychological well-being of vulnerable elders in the commune of Til Til.

One hour of free and relaxed conversation during three days of the week to tell their stories, concerns, anecdotes, or simply to comment on the afternoon TV series or some interesting news, is the opportunity that a group of elders  living in the commune of Til Til has taken advantage of thanks to the corporate volunteer program of ISA Interchile, an electric company that detected the need several months ago, to implement a program that allows accompanying this segment of the population during their confinement in the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the midst of the health emergency and in coordination with the Municipality of Til Til, the company initiated the “Todos Somos Uno” program that, through a previously scheduled phone call between an ISA Interchile volunteer and an elder, monitors their emotional health to cope with the effects of loneliness caused by social distancing.

The selection of older adults was made with the support of the Department of the Elderly of the Municipality of Til Til. Meanwhile, the volunteers, company collaborators, were trained with demanding interaction protocols specially developed for this contingency so that they have the appropriate tools to guide the conversation, listen carefully to pick up warning signs, follow up on interactions to delve into certain topics and, of course, reinforce positive and hopeful messages for older adults so that they enjoy the conversation, generate closeness, and a friendship relationship so that they can be calmer and in better spirits during the quarantine period.

Daniela Peirano, leader of the corporate volunteering program at ISA INTERCHILE, referred to volunteering and explained that “if we understand that each of us can make a change, we can make a difference in the reality that many elderly people are experiencing in this situation of social isolation. We seek to connect generations, and although a call may seem like a small act, those minutes can transform a person’s day, bring happiness, and give hope for the future.”