ISA’s strong commitment to a renewable and decarbonized Chile

ISA’s strong commitment to a renewable and decarbonized Chile

ISA Group, a multilatina company with 53 years of experience, present in Chile in the businesses of Road Infrastructure, Telecommunications, and Electric Transmission, is committed to extending its operations in the country and strengthening its commitment to Chile’s development. Specifically, through its subsidiary ISA Interchile, dedicated to the transmission of electric energy. The company has stood out for strongly promoting the decarbonization process of the energy grid, in which renewable energy generation and its transport from the source to the major consumption centers converge significantly.

In this regard, ISA’s president, Bernardo Vargas, stated that for the company, it is fundamental to continue creating sustainable value around its operations in the country: “We know that governments and companies must prepare to take on future challenges that go beyond business operations, which involve responses to a distributed, digitalized, decarbonized, integrated, and inclusive industry, but above all, to a more informed and participative society. We have a deep relationship and a long-term commitment to Chile.”

According to ISA’s executive view, Chile is a highly competitive country that remains one of the strongest in the Pacific Alliance, “for this reason, we are convinced that, as a diversified group in Latin America, our investment presence in infrastructure is key to achieve the objectives of our 2030 strategy.”

ISA’s long-term view is confirmed through its subsidiary ISA Interchile, which seeks to make a real contribution to the challenge of decarbonizing the grid, as the multilatina’s president points out. “In the Energy business, we will continue to develop additional works to the Cardones-Polpaico project, such as the expansion of the Nuevo Maitencillo and new Pan de Azúcar substations, autotransformer banks, and reactive compensation. Chile is a country that has made great advances in energy matters, is at the forefront of non-conventional renewable energies and the decarbonization of its grid, as well as with great projections in infrastructure, with a long-term view.”

The company remains alert to growth opportunities that arise in Chile and that also have a positive impact on people’s quality of life. “We are willing to invest in projects in any of our three businesses, especially if they are related to and have synergies with those we currently operate, but above all, that result in the quality of life of Chileans,” concluded ISA’s president, Bernardo Vargas.