Luis Llano Zuleta assumed as the new general manager of ISA INTERCHILE

Luis Llano Zuleta assumed as the new general manager of ISA INTERCHILE
  • The executive, with nearly 30 years of experience in the electric sector, and in particular in the operation, maintenance, and management of transmission energy assets in Latin America, assumes the leadership of the electric transmission company belonging to the multilatina ISA.


Santiago, January 23, 2023.– Luis Everley Llano Zuleta,  electrical engineer with vast experience in energy transmission in Latin America, assumed the role of new general manager of ISA INTERCHILE as of January 20, 2023, replacing Gabriel Melguizo Posada, who led the company for more than three years and was appointed by ISA as its new Vice President of Energy Transmission.

In this way, the experienced executive arrives at ISA INTERCHILE with the purpose of continuing to lead the projects and initiatives that the electric transmission company has been developing under its strategy of creating sustainable value, through the operation of key infrastructure for the decarbonization goals of the grid and the strengthening of the National Electric System’s transmission capacity.

“ISA INTERCHILE has become a relevant player in the electric transmission industry, especially after the  commissioning of the Cardones – Polpaico line in 2019, which enabled Chile’s path towards decarbonization of its grid, a country that, together with our region, has great privileges and opportunities for the global energy transition by 2050. Today, I assume the leadership of a company made up of men and women committed to Chile’s sustainable energy development, with the important challenge of continuing the good work we have done and contributing from our experience and capabilities to the strengthening of the National Electric System,” says the new general manager of ISA INTERCHILE.

Llano, a Colombian national, is a professional electrical engineer and holds a master’s degree in Engineering from the National University of Colombia. He has been linked to ISA’s electric transmission business since 1996 with experience mainly in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia.

Since 2019, he has served as Director of Corporate Operations at ISA and a member of several Boards of Directors, and prior to that, as Corporate Strategic Project Manager for Asset Management Gap Closure for nearly six years. He has also held positions as Operations Director, Regional Maintenance Director, and Strategy, Regulation and Commercial Director.

Regarding the company’s role in the context of the country’s energy transition, in which public-private collaboration is key, the executive states that “the articulation with the State to develop infrastructure, transparent dialogue with the communities in the territories in which we operate, and collaboration with civil society, other companies and entities, as well as academia to add value beyond our activity, will allow us to fulfill our aspiration to contribute to the great challenges of a sustainable and much more electrified future. This is the dream and, at the same time, the obligation to give the ‘energy that transforms’ to our societies and future generations, through ‘connections that inspire’ ways of achieving it together, to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.”



ISA INTERCHILE, belonging to ISA – a multilatina company with more than 50 years of experience and a leader in Latin America in the transportation of electric energy, road concessions, telecommunications, and intelligent real-time systems management – seeks to design, build, and operate electric transmission systems that strengthen and optimize energy transportation in Chile, not only to respond with reliability to the country’s energy needs but also to enable energy transition and transport clean energy to the national electric grid.

Currently, it operates two electric transmission projects. The 2×200 kV Encuentro-Lagunas Transmission Line and the 2×500 kV Cardones-Polpaico Transmission Line. In total, ISA INTERCHILE operates 1,962 kilometers of transmission lines, 3 electrical substations, 6 expansions of substations, and 4 projects for the execution of the National Expansion Plan.

In the case of Cardones-Polpaico, it constitutes the most important electric transmission project in the country’s history, materializing the complete interconnection of the National Electric System and allowing the entry of renewable energy from the north of Chile.