Sustainable Development: The New Paradigm of the Energy Sector

Sustainable Development: The New Paradigm of the Energy Sector

The electric company ISA Interchile has taken sustainability as the central axis of its business strategy. This was explained by the Manager of Institutional Relations of ISA Interchile, Álvaro González, who ensures that development today is not understood unless it goes hand in hand with sustainable policies that consider the environment, communities, and their entire context..

What is the relevance that ISA Interchile gives to sustainability?

We understand sustainability as a way of managing opportunities, impacts, and risks in a transparent and ethically responsible manner, which allows us to deliver value to the communities in which we operate. Simply put, sustainability is present in everything we do on a daily basis, from prioritizing environmental care, relationships with communities, gender equality and inclusion, commitment to climate change, among other issues that align with the guidelines set by the UN through the Sustainable Development Goals. Today, it is difficult to understand development without sustainable policies. We cannot look from the other side; we must be part of the changes and acquire the necessary commitments for the well-being of everyone.

What actions has the company taken to implement sustainable policies?

We have worked on several lines of action, the first being to close our gaps and continue to fulfill our commitments. The second is the implementation of different projects, such as social investment plans in communities, corporate volunteering during the pandemic, support for vulnerable communities, protection of the environment with a strong plan to plant endemic species, generation of educational material on environmental issues, such as the Campana-Peñuelas Biosphere Reserve project, and a successful series of webinars to highlight environmental issues in various areas where we operate. Internally, the company has also taken significant steps by assuming gender equality and inclusion as a real commitment. All of this is part of the VIDA pillars (Green, Innovation, Development, Articulation) on which our 2030 strategy is based.

How relevant is the decarbonization process of the energy grid for Chile, and what is the role of the company?

Chile has set itself the challenge of decarbonizing the grid by 2040 because it is clear that climate change is an undeniable reality. In this sense, ISA Interchile is fully aligned with the government’s objective. The entry of renewable energy into the grid is essential to accelerate the process. Therefore, our experts have presented proposals in that direction with the aim of meeting the goal and being a real contribution to the greater transmission of clean energy. The repowering of the Cardones-Polpaico line is a project that incorporates cutting-edge technology, minimizing the impacts on its surroundings. What we want to convey is that we are willing to advance in innovative ideas that effectively help achieve the decarbonization of the country in a shorter time frame..